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Site Plan

The following is a high-level structure of how we would like to see this mini-site evolve. It gives some idea of our research plans and progress with that research.

  • Home

    Introduce the idea behind and give high-level overview of content contained

    • Invoices

    • Submarine swaps

    • Channel Management

      • Introduction

        > Opening and closing channels

      • Turbo channels

      • Lightning Pool

    • Architecture

      • Elements of a full node

        Use LDK as guide for breaking down elements

        > On-device full nodes

        > Remote controlled full nodes

      • Non-custodial partial node architectures

        Introduce concept of mixing and matching architectural pieces, and give examples of how this is done has been done so far

        > Outsourced routing

        > Outsourced …

    • Privacy

      Introducing different privacy considerations when using LN

      • Path and network analysis techniques

      • UTXOs used for channel opens

      • Submarine swaps for toxic change

    • OTT services

      • LNURL (UX improvement)

      • (chat over LN)

      • lnbits (account management)

      • LNHub (account management)

      • LSP (liquidity/access providers)